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Preschool Flowers

Our Nature Playground

Our nature playground helps children learn how to move their bodies,

explore the natural world, take charge of their play, and work together as friends.


Toddler Town

Toddler Town is a fenced-in playground area created specifically for toddlers and young preschoolers. It boasts smaller versions of the mud kitchen,

bike track and climbing dome found on the other side of our nature playground. There is plenty of open green grass to run around, a music corner with pots and pans, and wooden benches and tables. There are also multiple shade structures and a pavilion for creative art activities and exploration. Our toddlers often enjoy playing in the water tables, digging in the sandbox and taking care of the plants in the mini plant boxes surrounding the area. 

The Front Playground

One of two spaces shared by our older classrooms, the Front Playground is an open space where our children can explore and play freely. Centered by a pavilion where teachers offer a variety of creative art, science and nature activities, the Front Playground also features a large sandbox, a slide for whizzing down or climbing up, and a large mud kitchen. Our preschoolers can often be found building with loose parts, such as tree cookies and wooden blocks, or creating obstacle courses through the large grassy section of the playground. 


The Back Track

The second section of the playground shared by our preschoolers and Pre-K class is lovingly referred to as "the Back Track."  Shaded by trees and flanked by a large field on the backside, this section of our playground feels like it's own secret garden except this garden has its own bike track with a garage and a climbing dome! With a tree stump carved into a fairy house and a lean-to created from logs, there are plenty of options for the children to imagine and create. Our two older classes can be seen enjoying circle time in our outdoor seating area and observing the natural world as the seasons change the landscape in this part of the playground.

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